Movie Tracker App

Manage & share YOUR movie queue

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Movie Tracker. What was the movie that your friend said you should see? Is it available on Netflix? Streaming or Disc? Can I download it or rent it on iTunes? This one app will help you keep a queue of those movies you want to see and where they are available for you to see.

  • Search for movie by actor, director, title, or keyword
  • Write and share reviews with your “buddies”
  • Add movies to your queue from reviews of other users
  • View other’s public reviews of movies
  • Twitter and Facebook your movies
  • Search for local movies available and buy tickets
  • Displays synopsis of movies with Rotten Tomatoes ratings
  • Displays cast with links to info on cast, and directors
  • Displays movie posters when available
  • Filter and sort your queue by availability, rating, etc.
  • Plus more
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